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Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau consists of four (4) squads of officers on a rotating "Pitman Schedule" to provide 24-hour coverage to the Burlington Township community.  Each squad is comprised of 1 Patrol Sergeant (supervisor), approximately 6+ patrol officers, and 1 civilian Police Services Officer (PSO).  Shift times start at 7:00 AM for day shift and 7:00 PM for night shift.  Officers switch between day shift and night shift every 4 weeks.

Additionally, 2 officers are assigned to a steady power shift during peak hours from 1:00 PM - 1:00 AM.  One of these officers covers the rotation for Squads 1 and 2, while the other covers Squads 3 and 4.  During their shifts, officers are given zone assignments.  These zones are broken down by geographical area based generally on size and activity level.  Officers are also assigned areas of patrol during certain times based upon data obtained via crash and crime analysis.  These target areas are developed to address hot spots.  Aside from handling calls for service from the community, officers conduct visible patrols in an effort to address the safety, security, and well-being of the community.

Squad 1 Supervisor – Sergeant Ryan Kimble #87

Sgt. Ryan Kimble has been a member of the Burlington Township Police Department since 2007.  He graduated from Holy Cross High School.  After graduating, Sgt. Kimble attended Burlington County College where he earned his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.  Upon graduating BCC, Sgt. Kimble attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Economics.

Sgt. Kimble joined the Burlington Township Police Department upon graduating from Burlington County Police Academy in 2007.  Sgt. Kimble was assigned to the Patrol Bureau from 2007 to 2014.  During that time, he was a member of the Traffic Safety Unit, Bicycle Patrol Unit, and the Adopt a Cop Program.  From 2014-2019, Sgt. Kimble was assigned to the Accreditation Unit helping to craft policies and procedures.  During that time, Sgt. Kimble also became a Field Training Officer and was part of the BTPD Training Committee.  In 2015, Sgt. Kimble was awarded Officer of the Year.  In 2020, Sgt. Kimble was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and currently is the Patrol Bureau Squad 1 Supervisor as well as the Bicycle Patrol Unit Supervisor.

In his off time, Sgt. Kimble likes to explore New England with his wife, visit used book stores, and search the bins at record shops.  At home he enjoys spending time with his bulldog and most recent addition, a rescue mixed breed.  Ryan looks forward to attending concerts again – one of his favorite activities sorely missed last year!  He loves Pearl Jam and has seen them close to 50 times.

For questions related to Patrol Squad 1 or the Bicycle Patrol Unit, please contact Sgt. Kimble via email at

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is comprised of 1 Patrol Sergeant (supervisor) and 7 active patrol officers.  The bicycle patrol unit’s mission is to promote bicycle safety and enhance police-community relations.  The use of bicycles enables the officers to have more personal contact with the public, and allows the officers to reach areas inaccessible by other vehicles. In addition to supplementing traditional patrol functions, the unit participates in community events and deploys the bicycles within Burlington Township's neighborhoods.  The unit also participates in community events such as Bike with a Cop, , Safe Rider & Bike Rodeo, National Night Out, and various bicycle registration events.  The bicycle patrol unit also participates in school functions such as the homecoming parade and can be seen at various football games throughout the season.  For more information about Bicycle Safety, the unit, or to register your bicycle with BTPD, please follow the link above!

Squad 2 Supervisor – Sergeant James Conway #82

Sgt. James Conway has been a member of the Burlington Township Police Department since 2005. Sgt. Conway grew up in Northern New Jersey and moved to Burlington Township after studying at William Paterson University. He began his career in the Patrol Division until becoming a School Resource Officer in 2018, where he was first assigned to Fountain Woods School. In September 2021, he was reassigned to the Burlington Township Middle School, and then the High School in January 2022. In addition to being a School Resource Officer, Sgt. Conway was also a member of the Community Resource Bureau, is a Field Training Officer, an auxiliary member on the Bicycle Patrol Unit, and a member of the Burlington Township Honor Guard Unit. On his off time, Officer Conway enjoys spending time with family and friends, coaching, remaining active in any sports activity, and reminiscing better times for his beloved NY Giants.

EMS Function

As the EMS Coordinator, Sgt. Conway is responsible for fulfilling the EMS function and needs of the police department.  These duties include:

  • Maintaining training records of all officers in reference to their first responders/EMT certifications
  • Maintenance and acquisition of EMS supplies & equipment
  • Acting as liaison between local, county, state, and federal agencies that sponsor or regulate EMS activity

Squad 3 Supervisor – Sergeant Taylor Holba #92

Sgt. Taylor Holba began his law enforcement career in 2008 at the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department.  In 2012 he became a member of the Burlington Township Police Department.  Prior to his career in law enforcement, Sgt. Holba was a Sergeant in the NJ Air National Guard (2001-2013).  Sgt. Holba was assigned to the Patrol Bureau from 2012 to 2019.  During that time, he was a member of the Traffic Safety Unit and Adopt a Cop Program as well as a Field Training Officer.  In 2019, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is currently Patrol Bureau Squad 3 Supervisor.  In addition to his patrol duties, Sgt. Holba is a Firearms Instructor and supervises the Firearms Unit.  Sgt. Holba is also the President of Burlington Township FOP Lodge 84.

 For questions related to Patrol Squad 3, please contact Sgt. Holba via email at

Firearms Unit

The Firearms Unit is comprised of 1 Patrol Sergeant, 4 Patrol Officers and 1 Detective.  The members of the unit are all certified Firearms Instructors for Handguns, Shotguns and Patrol Rifles.  The unit is tasked with training and qualifying all members of the department biannually in each of the weapons.  Two members of the Firearms Unit are also the department armorers.  They are responsible for maintenance and repairs on the department issued weapons.


Squad 4 Supervisor – Sergeant Frank Bremer #96

Sgt. Frank Bremer was hired by the Burlington Township Police Department in 2012.  Prior to joining the Department, he was an Officer in the US Army from 2005 to 2016.  He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University.  Sgt. Bremer is a member of the Traffic Safety Unit, Field Training Unit, and a Physical Fitness Instructor.  In 2019, Sgt. Bremer was assigned to the Investigation Bureau as a Detective.  In 2020, he was promoted the rank of Sergeant and took over as the supervisor of the Traffic Safety Unit.  Sgt. Bremer joined the Traffic Safety Unit in 2015 and began his passion for crash investigations.  He has attended various courses to include basic and advanced crash investigation, crash reconstruction, motorcycle crash investigation, pedestrian and bicycle crash investigation, and many others.  Sgt. Bremer is a recipient of the MADD Award (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), and obtained Level 1 Traffic Safety Specialist by the State of NJ.

For questions related to Patrol Squad 4 or the Traffic Safety Unit, please contact Sgt. Bremer via email at

Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is typically comprised of 1 Patrol Sergeant (supervisor) and 4 Patrol Officers.  The members of the unit are trained officers specializing in motor vehicle collision investigation and motor vehicle law enforcement.  The unit is called upon to investigate motor vehicle collisions involving fatality of serious bodily injury.  The unit also investigates speeding and other traffic related issues throughout the Township.  For more information about Traffic Safety and the unit's personnel, please follow the link above!

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