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Office hours:  M-F, 9a-5p, excluding holidays

Phone:  609-239-5882 or 609-239-5883

Fax:  609-239-4895

The Records Bureau is responsible for the maintenance and custodial care of all police reports. These reports include all investigations, arrests (adult & juvenile) and motor vehicle accidents. The bureau provides affected individuals with “hard copy” police reports for use in various court proceedings and insurance claims. Copies can be picked up at the Burlington Township Police Department, 851 Old York Road, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM [excluding holidays].

Records Requests

Report copies are generally available five (5) to seven (7) business days after the report is taken.

Copies of motor vehicle crash reports can be obtained by navigating to the CrashDocs site and entering your information.

For all other records requests, download and print the OPRA request form.  You can submit the completed request to the contact listed on page 1 of the form.  In the alternative, you can submit the form in person to the police department.  Once the request is submitted, please allow seven (7) business days for a response.  The list of fees is as follows:

$.05 per page Letter Size
$.07 per page Legal Size

DVD’s/Thumb Drives
$3.00 per regular DVD
$5.00 per double sided DVD
$25.00 per thumb drive

Actual cost of duplication (printed)


Alcotest 7110 Documents
Officer Certifications
Tuning Fork Certifications
Radar Speed Measuring Device Documents

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