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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

General Information

The State of New Jersey has launched a new one-stop shop website for information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Visit for more.  You may also text “NJCOVID” to 898-211 to receive alerts.

Call (General COVID-19 Questions): 2-1-1 (7AM – 11PM)

Call (Clinical Questions): 1-800-962-1253 (24/7 Hotline) 

Visit the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites.

The State of New Jersey is seeking healthcare and mental health professionals to volunteer during this state of emergency.  People can register on the State COVID-19 website volunteer page.

For updated information on COVID-19 cases in Burlington County, please see the Burlington County Health Department's dashboard.

Burlington County Testing Information

County Residents may refer to this one-page flyer for information about COVID testing.

A Message From Dr. Herb Conaway, Director of the Burlington County Health Department:

To help limit the spread of the virus, it is important that all persons with concern about COVID-19 exposure be tested as soon as possible.  Accordingly, the Burlington County COVID-19 Mass Testing center will now make appointments for all Burlington County residents whether or not they are experiencing viral symptoms.  The department will continue its policy of testing non-resident first responders and hospital employees working in Burlington County who present their employee IDs.

County testing takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is located at the Emergency Services Training Center behind the Burlington County Institute of Technology off Woodlane Road in Westampton.

You must make an appointment for testing by calling (609) 726-7097. NO DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED AND TESTING IS FREE OF CHARGE.

To access the testing site and to ensure accuracy, make appointments using the name on your official ID.

All of this information can be found on the new Burlington County Health App.  Please download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and share it with your friends.  Lastly avoid using masks with valves.  The valves allow your breath to escape and contact others.  First responders will have to cover valved masks with another mask in order to protect themselves and others.  See the health app for more information on this topic.


NJ State Orders

NEW – 8/3/2020) Executive Order #173

In response to the increase of COVID-19 cases in New Jersey, this order now limits indoor gatherings to 25 percent of a room's capacity, but regardless of the room’s capacity, the maximum limit shall be 25 persons, down from 100 persons. For purposes of determining this limit, any private residence or residential unit shall be treated as a single room. However, today’s change will not be applicable to the following events: weddings, funerals, memorial services, religious services or celebrations, and political activities. These events may continue under the previous rules that limited these events to 25 percent of a room's capacity, but with a limit of 100 persons.

For more information about this order please read this press release.


NEW – 7/20/2020) Executive Order #168

This order has allowed the resumption of contact practices and competitions for certain organized sports in outdoor settings.

For more information about this order please read this press release.

NEW – 7/13/2020) Executive Order #165

This order has lifted the 50% capacity limit on NJ Transit and private-carrier buses, trains, light rail vehicles and Access Link vehicles.  It now requires NJ Transit and private-carriers limit vehicles to the maximum seated capacity, effective 8:00 PM on Wednesday, July 15.

For more information about this order please read this press release.


NEW – 7/8/2020) Executive Order #163

This order requires individuals to wear face masks in outdoor public spaces when they cannot social distance, taking effect immediately.

For more information about this order please read this press release.

NEW – 7/2/2020) Executive Order #161

This order increased the limit on outdoor gatherings.  Effective 6:00 AM on Friday, July 3rd, outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people.  Outdoor religious services and political activities will continue to have no numerical limits.  All indoor gatherings continue to be limited to 25% capacity of the rooms in which they will take place, with a maximum of 100 persons.

For more information about this order please read this press release.

NEW – 6/29/2020) Executive Order #158

This order has temporarily pauses the resumption of indoor dining which was scheduled to resume on Thursday, July 2.  The Order also prohibits the consumption of food or beverages and smoking in the indoor premises of any retail, recreational, or entertainment business, including casinos, where masks are strictly required.  The Order notes that there is an exception for health and safety, such as an individual briefly removing their mask to drink water.

For more information about this order please read this press release.

NEW – 6/26/2020)
Executive Order #157

This order has established Rules for Indoor Dining, Indoor Recreational Facilities, and Individualized Instruction at Gyms and Fitness Centers.  Re-openings will take effect on Thursday, July 2. 

Specifically, the Order contains several requirements for indoor dining, which can resume on July 2 but will be limited to 25 percent capacity and patrons will be required to order and consume food or beverages while seated.  – PAUSED BY Executive Order #158

The Order also contains the baseline requirements for indoor recreational and entertainment businesses, which can open on July 2 at 25 percent capacity, with the exceptions of gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, performing arts centers, other concert venues, and indoor amusement and water parks.  Further, dance floors at any business must be closed or cordoned off.  Gyms and fitness centers can, however, offer individualized indoor instruction by appointment only.

For more information about this order please read this press release.

Executive Order #154

This order allows personal case service facilities to reopen to the public on Monday, June 22 at 6:00 AM, provided the facilities comply with standards issued by the Department of Health.  These facilities include:  cosmetology shops, barber shops, beauty salons, hair braiding shops, nail salons, electrology facilities, spas, massage parlors, tanning salons, and tattoo parlors.   

For more information about this order and the conditions in which these facilities must abide by, please read this press release.

Executive Order #153

Effective June 22, this order allows outdoor swimming pools to open provided they comply with all standards issued by the Department of Health.  In addition, outdoor recreational and entertainment businesses are permitted to reopen immediately with the exception of amusement parks, water parks, and arcades.

Executive Order 107 which required New Jersey residents to remain home or at their place of residence was officially rescinded.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #150

This order allows outdoor dining at food or beverage establishments starting on Monday, June 15th.  Establishments will be required to follow a number of COVID-19 health and safety protocols issued by the Department of Health, including a limit of eight customers per table, and requirements of at least six feet of distance between parties.  In addition, for as long as indoor dining is not permitted, food or beverage establishments are required to prohibit smoking in any outdoor areas designated for the consumption of food and/or beverages.  For more information about this order please read this press release.

Executive Order #149

This order has allowed the resumption of child care services, youth day camps, and organizing sports over the next few weeks.  For more information and specific details, please see this press release.

  • Child care centers are permitted to resume normal operations on or after June 15.
  • Youth day camps can open on or after July 6.
  • Effective June 22, sporting activities, including organized sporting activities, permitted in outdoor settings only, provided they do not involve person-to-person cot or routinely entail individuals interacting within six feet of one other.  High school sporting activities cannot resume any earlier than June 30.


Executive Order #148

This order has lifted the limit on outdoor gatherings from 10 to 25 individuals.  Recreational campgrounds, both public and private, are allowed to reopen, effective immediately.  In addition, indoor gathering remain limited to 10 people.  The capacity for charter and fishing boats, outdoor batting cages, driving ranges, and other outdoor recreational businesses has been raised to 25 individuals.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Administrative Order #2020-13

This order authorizes in-person sales at car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, boat dealerships, and bike shops.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #147

This order allows certain outdoor recreational businesses and community gardens to open with social distancing measures in place.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #146

This order allows charter fishing and watercraft rental businesses to reopen.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #145

This order allows elective surgeries and invasive procedures to resume beginning May 26.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #143

This order allows all beaches, boardwalks, lakes, and lakeshores to re-open with social distancing measures in place.  For more information about this order please read this press release.


Executive Order #142

Executive Order #142 allows the following effective May 18:

  • Non-essential construction may resume at 6 AM
  • Non-essential retail stores are allowed to reopen for curbside pickup
  • Drive-thru and drive-in events are permitted immediately under social distancing guidelines

For more information about the Governor’s Order to reopen construction and businesses, please go to the following press release.


  Township Announcements

The most update-to-date Township announcements may be found on the Township website.

 Compost Center – Recycling Drop-Off Site Re-opening

The Township Compost Site and Recycling Center has been scheduled to reopen on a limited basis beginning Wednesday, May 20.  Hours of operation will be from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.  The Township has been divided into 5 zones.  Residents in each zone have been designated a specific day that they may utilize the site.  Please refer to the Township announcement for more information and zone assignments.

Disposing of Gloves Properly

The Burlington Twp. Police Department has noticed a concerning amount of dispose gloves being littered throughout the parking lots of our retail businesses and public areas. We would like to remind everyone that littering is a health hazard that unnecessarily burdens others with the unsanitary task of collecting a disposing of your trash later. This is counterproductive to the goal of limiting the spread of Coronavirus. Please properly dispose of your gloves and other trash.


Impact on the Sewer System

The Burlington Twp. Sewer Department has seen an increase in wipes and other products clogging the system.  Please do NOT flush any baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, wash rags, and anything else that is not meant to be flushed in a toilet.

Flushing wipes results in back-ups within the sewer lines and equipment, causing issues with home service as well as the treatment plant.


Township Facilities

All Burlington Township facilities, including the Township Municipal Building, are closed to the public until further notice.  The rear of the Municipal Building remains open for people to access the police department window. 

Scams and Misinformation

Scammers are taking advantage of the fears surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak.  We must be vigilant as ever with the sharing of our information and to take appropriate measures to prevent ourselves from being the victim of a scam.  For more information and to make a report about a Coronavirus scam, please visit the Federal Trade Commission and NJ Division of Consumer Affairs websites.

There are a lot facts and rumors/disinformation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak.  The NJ Department of Homeland Security has set up a website to help the public distinguish between what is fact and what is false information.  COVID-19 Rumor Control and Disinformation Updates can be found here.

In addition, due to the current state of emergency, all “in-person” interviews for the 2020 Census have been cancelled until further notice.  If someone knocks on your door claiming to be a census worker, please call the police department’s non-emergency number, (609) 386-1000, so that officers may respond and investigate accordingly.

Wondering about more fraud/scams related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some commonly asked questions, courtesy of the FBI National Academy.

Endeavor Medical Squad

The Endeavor Emergency Squad services all of Burlington Township and is in great need of the community’s help during this difficult time.  Like many organizations and businesses, their annual budget does not account for the potential of a global pandemic.  The COVID-19 outbreak has required them to use their resources at an alarming rate.

Endeavor is on the front lines battling Coronavirus and caring for our loved ones.  Please consider donating to them the following items or click here ( to give directly.

  • N95 Masks
  • Eye Protection (safety glasses)
  • Lysol/Clorox cleaning and disinfecting products
  • Bottled or canned drinks



(NEW – 05/28/2020) - FEMA Public Assistance Grant Opportunity Information - FEMA Public Assistance is a federal grant that provides reimbursement for disaster related expenses. FEMA Public Assistance is limited to 75% reimbursement. The eligible applicant is responsible for 25% of the total cost. Eligible grant applicants include state agencies, local governments, and certain non-profit organizations.

FEMA may provide reimbursement for emergency protective measures, which are actions taken that save lives or protect public health or safety, if not funded by the HHS/CDC or other federal agency. Things that are NOT eligible include loss of revenue, loss of useful service life, tax assessments, and increased operating costs.

Please visit the New Jersey Emergency Management Grants Portal to apply.  To learn more about the grant, please attend a scheduled orientation session webinar.  For more information, please read the informational flyer.


The NJ Department of Human Services is offering mental health support by telephone during the COVID-19 outbreak.  If you need assistance during this difficult time, please call 1-866-202-HELP (4357) for free, confidential support.  Visit the NJ Dept. of Human Services website for more information about this program and the impact of COVID-19 on their services.


Are your kids bored from being stuck at home?  The Burlington County Library System has put together fun activities and challenges for kids 12 and under to complete!  Create an account with Beanstack, or login to an existing account to join in on the program.  This is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.  Beanstack is also accessible through the library's website.


Check out NJHelps to see if you are eligible for food assistance (NJ SNAP), cash assistance (WFNJ/TANF or WFNJ/GA), and health Insurance (NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid). From there you can apply for services or learn about additional resources.