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Community Resource Bureau

Supervisor – Sergeant Arthur Gittens #74

Sgt. Arthur Gittens has been a police officer since 2002.  He is a graduate of Burlington Township High School, Class of 1993.  Prior to becoming a police officer, he worked for Burlington Township Public Works and was a volunteer firefighter for Independent Fire Co. Station #301.  Sgt. Gittens worked in the Patrol Bureau until 2012.  During this time, he served on the Traffic Safety Unit, Adopt-a-Cop program, and as a Field Training Officer.  In 2012, he was assigned as a School Resource Officer (SRO).  Sgt. Gittens was a SRO in the Burlington Township Middle School for 3 years.  In 2015, Sgt. Gittens was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and returned to the Patrol Bureau as a squad supervisor.  In 2016, he was assigned as an administrative Sergeant in charge of the Community Resource Bureau (CRB).  As the CRB supervisor, Sgt. Gittens oversees the Community Resource Officer (CRO), School Resource Officers (SROs), Special Police Officers (SLEOs), and Volunteers in Police Service.  During this time off, Sgt. Gittens enjoys spending time with family and friends.

The Community Resource Bureau (CRB) strives to work with the community to identify the types of crime prevention and community programs that will best serve the needs of the community.  The CRB also works to resolve community issues which typically go beyond the normal patrol officer's initial response.

In addition to his normal duties, Sgt. Gittens supervises the Support Services Bureau.  The Support Services Bureau is responsible for providing logistical, technical, and material support to the other functions within the police department.  Contained within Support Services is Police Records, Fleet Management, and Material Support.

Sergeant Gittens may be contacted via email at


Community Resource Officer – P/O Eric Pew #100

Officer Eric Pew was hired by the Burlington Township Police Department in August 2014.  For 2 years prior, he worked for Wildwood City Police Department as a Class II Police Officer.  Officer Pew is a graduate of Burlington Township High School, Class of 2007.  He attended Rutgers University from 2007-2012, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.  Officer Pew worked in the Patrol Bureau for 4 years.  During this time, he served on the Traffic Safety Unit and Bicycle Patrol Unit.  Officer Pew is also a Field Training Officer and department Radar Instructor.  In his off-time, Officer Pew enjoys spending time with his wife, 3 dogs, 4 cats, and boating in Maryland.

In June 2018, Officer Pew was assigned to the position of Community Resource Officer (CRO).  He also serves as the Burlington Township Municipal Humane Law Enforcement Officer (MHLEO).  The MHLEO is responsible for the welfare of animals in our community.  More specifically, ensuring the proper investigation of all complaints of animal neglect and cruelty.

Officer Pew may be contacted via email at


School Resource Officers (SROs)

In partnership with the school district, the Burlington Twp. Police Department assigns a full-time police officer to each of the four (4) schools located within Burlington Township.  

To learn more about our School Resource Officers, the schools they are assigned to, and their programs, please visit the link above!


Pictured left to right: P/O James Conway #82, P/O Michael Casella #90, P/O Floyd Hazzard #72 (now Retired), and P/O Terrence Hreso #73.

Community Programs & Initiatives

Below is a list of the initiatives, programs, resources, and events that are available through the Burlington Township Police, Community Resource Bureau.  Please follow each link for more information!

  • Internship Program:  The goal of the program is to provide a positive learning environment for interested college students to experience the various aspects and responsibilities of law enforcement first hand.
  • Home Safety Tips and Self Assessment: Click here to read on how you can keep your home safe. Tips include security while you are away and the do’s & don’ts of home security
  • Youth Emergency Services Academy: Our department coordinates with the Burlington Township Fire Department and Endeavor Emergency Squad to provide a one-week program to Burlington Township residents.  Youth participants get an all around experience by spending time with Police, Fire, and EMS!
  • Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT):  Burlington Township Police Department sponsors a DVRT in conjunction with the Burlington City and Florence Township Police Department.  This dedicated group of volunteers responds to the police department to assist victims of domestic violence during a trying and difficult time in their lives.
  • Graffiti Eradication Program:  In its continuing efforts to preserve the quality of the community, the Burlington Township Police Department established a Graffiti Eradication Program. Click above to read more.
  • Citizen CARE Program:  Its purpose is to contact and assist individuals or groups that may be as risk, or may be more sensitive or vulnerable to extreme weather or other conditions.
  • K.I.D.S (Kids Identification DNA System):   The department provides kits for parents to collect and store their child’s DNA so that in an emergency, a DNA sample from the child is available.
  • Apartment Complex Partnership: A Program initiated at the beginning of 2009 to better promote relationships between the police department and the apartment communities in town.
  • Project Medicine Drop:  Burlington Township Police Department serves as a medicine drop box location allowing citizens to safely dispose of expired or unwanted medication.

Annual Events

  • Mayor's Health Fair & Shred-It Event:  Each year a health fair is held at the Burlington Township Municipal Building in conjunction with a document shredding service.  Discarded information can put you at risk of fraud & scams.  This annual event provides a free opportunity for residents to destroy those documents.
  • National Night Out:  Our department participates annually in National Night Out, a community event to promote police-community partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie.  This event is held the first Tuesday of every August!

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